Throwback Thursday...

Once again we dip into the archives and bring the past into the present…

I often talk about the need to shoot with intent. As much fun as it is to shoot randomly (and I do this quite often) our best work will come when we are intentional about our approach.

Intent can be of any type, and you may not even be aware of what it is you’re intending to do.

If that doesn’t make sense consider this…

Prelude: In the Beginning

I shot this along the shores of Lake Erie, near Hamburg, NY. I was out with a group visiting some friends and we sat along the waterfront watching the sunset. And as we chatted I was especially taken with the graphic formed by the railing for the steps to the beach. I especially love the dangling bolts hanging from the middle bar.

Listening to the waves as they gently caressed the stones below, I became so entranced by the scene I gradually became less aware of my companions and completely focused on the textures and rhythms of the water below. A musical performance for anyone who would take the time to stop and listen,

As the sun dropped closer to the horizon, I waited for it to silhouette the railing and made the picture. The sound of the shutter seemed to shatter my reverie and I returned to my group.

One frame. (Yes, film!) One random image. But completely intentionally.

Meditation #26

Here is a more recent image from my Meditations series. (For a more complete description of the series, check out the other images in the portfolio section of my site.) This series, still continuing, is a visual representation of my reactions to the sound and rhythms of water.

See a direct line?

I didn’t either. Not until much later.

But it was the intentional approach that allowed me to make the connection so many years later.